Loop is making some moves.

The Loop team has joined forces with some talented folks and as of July 1, we’ll be known as “Signal Kit”.
We’re excited to keep growing and providing the best product on the market. More news to come.

Simply connected.

Loop is the solution to fragmented communication in the K-12 community. It provides a secure, simple and manageable place to connect with staff, students and parents.

Made for districts

Loop offers districts two significant benefits. First, it’s a reliable mass communication tool. When there’s something important to share, rest assured everyone is informed. The second advantage is Loop’s management capabilities. All communication sent is easily tracked and maintained. No fuss, no muss.
Track, maintain and manage all communication simply and effectively
Far Reaching
Reliably deliver important announcements via Loop app, SMS text, email and robocall
Give departments a simple tool for efficient internal communication

Created with schools

Teachers need a safe and efficient way to connect with parents and communicate with students and peers. Loop provides a one-stop platform without the headache of checking and updating multiple channels.
Say ‘goodbye’ to the fragmented mess of emails, Tweets and Facebook posts
Give teachers a direct line to each other, students and parents
The school administrator has oversight of all communication within the school

Loved by parents

Parents want to know what’s going on with their kids, plain and simple. Loop provides parents one easy way to receive urgent messages, stay up to date on school activities and contact their child’s teachers.
Delivering messages when and how parents want them while making every touchpoint as effortless as possible.
Lowering barriers so a parent can quickly jump in and communicate directly with teachers and school departments
Knowing parents are on the go, Loop can easily be accessed on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

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User Management

Easily search for any parent, student or district employee with the ability to add/remove members, edit contact information, classes and view individual user activity.

Data Insights

See a clear picture of activity and engagement within the district or school. Loop’s dashboard gives a visual snapshot, providing insight into announcement effectiveness and member interaction.

Language Translation

We want to make sure that a language barrier doesn’t stop parents from being involved with their child’s education. Loop’s language translation feature makes sure parents and guardians receive messages in their preferred language.

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